Environmental standards

KOGENERACJA S.A. produces electricity and heat in cogeneration (combined heat and power), thus contributing to the fuller utilisation of the chemical energy of fuel, and consequently reducing environmental pollution. The basis of the Company’s activity is Sustainable Development, which enables achieving a satisfactory economic result with care for the social and natural environment.

The current problem of large cities is low-stack emission, which is harmful to health, generated by burning fossil fuels and waste in low-efficiency household furnaces. KOGENERACJA S.A. entered into a tripartite Agreement on Partnership for Sustainable Development with the City of Wrocław and the distributor, Fortum, in order to reduce the so-called low-stack emission.

KOGENERACJA S.A. has joined the KAWKA programme implemented by the City of Wrocław, under which, it facilitates the process of connecting tenement houses to the municipal heating network for housing cooperatives and communities together with the heat distributor. The programme also provides for the education of residents on the possibility of using a district heating network.

Actual emission levels in 2022 and 2021 and permitted emissions in KOGENERACJA S.A.

Actual and permitted emission levels of CO2 in 2022 and 2021 in KOGENERACJA S.A.